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Energy Healing For Health

Better Chi flow is a major component of improving the body's ability to heal. Tong Ren is a modality that uses brain wave entrainment for people to have an experience that is much like acupuncture,  


You are an energy being

If you have a health problem, be sure to have an energy healing component as part of your treatment strategy.

Tong Ren helps many conditions:


Tong Ren for Lung Cancer

Tong Ren for Ovarian Cancer

Tong Ren for Lymphoma

Tong Ren for Multiple Sclerosis

Tong Ren for Brain Tumors

Tong Ren for Pancreatic Cancer

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Tong Ren can help:

Tong Ren for Lymphoma

JH came to TR when her "just in case" colon cancer chemotherapy had her nauseous and exhausted. She kept coming to TR 'cause she liked how it felt. Six months later, at her check up for non-hodgkins lymphoma her doc told her for the she had no traces of it now, for the first time in 7 years. 

Tong Ren for Lung Cancer

WW was treated with chemo and radiation for small cell carcinoma of the lung 16 years ago. As the therapy failed, she found Tong Ren. Attennding classes daily then weekly, the cancer went into remission in 6 months time. 

Tong Ren for Ovarian Cancer

A famous Harvard U. teaching hospital told 3 women that there was no hope for their stage 4 ovarian cancer. They all started attending the Tong Ren cancer class on Sat. in Haverhill MA. At 6 months, 2 had clear scans, and at 9 months the 3rd had equal good news.

Tong Ren for Multiple Sclerosis

KS had had MS for 24 years and was using  a cane to steady his walk. He listens to TR on a call every Monday. Five years later, no more cane, no more MS flares, and his migraines are much less frequent as well. 

Tong Ren for Brain Tumors

Don't let the TV news of prominent senators dying of glioblastoma brain tumors discourage you. Meet  RR who is alive and well 8 years after being diagnosed with his glioma.   

Tong Ren for Pancreatic Cancer

It's a diagnosis that is 95% fatal, but come meet the scores of people who are alive 2, 5, and even 8 years later. And let WD tell you about his  17 years of living with this condition.  

Tong Ren can help:

Tong Ren for Diabetes

Diabetes can damage eyes, kidneys, nerves, and coronary arteries. At Tong Ren healing sessions, people can experience 20 - 30 pint drops in their elevated sugars  

Tong Ren for Parkinson's

It took 3 sessions for Tong Ren therapy to start taking hold, but after 6 months, Mrs. S tremor was diminished by 90%

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Let us know about your amazing healing experience, we want to post it here 

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Amazing Lung & Heart Recovery

Pulmonary Hypertention Venous Occlusive Dz.

MAK was in the intensive care unit a few days with low energy, low blood oxygen levels, and debilitating shortness of breath. Finally he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH), as Venous Occlusive Disease (the rare form of PH.) The right side of his heart was greatly enlarged from the resistance to blood flow through his lungs. The doctors told him if he lived through the week, they would put him on the the heart lung transplant list. 

His wife asked me to go tap for MAK and I made an ICU visit. Within 15 minutes, his blood oxygen levels went from 84 to 94. He could feel like he finally caught his breath. While his numbers did not stay there, each day I tapped he recovered a little more. By the end of the week, the discharge care discussion turned to medical management and home oxygen therapy 24/7. The prognosis was still tough, with luck, he'd live 6 more months. 

With some heart-supportive Co-enzyme Q10 and L-glutamine supplements, plus Omega 3 fish oils, and 4 times a week doses of Tong Ren tapping, it is now 5 years later and MAK continues to perplex his team of doctors. His once enlarged heart is not back to normal size, but continues to grow in that direction. Every few years his cardiologist has to reduce his blood pressure medicine too.  


Reversing Type 1 Diabetes Problems

Kidney Function and Blood Pressure Improving

In January of 2017, John listened to Tom Tam talk about the Tong Ren Healing system on the Dan Rea radio show on WBZ. Having some serious health challenges, John decided that this just might be something that could help. Since he lives out of state, he decided to join a phone conference call to experience the healing treatment. Currently, he participates in a webcast healing everyday, and sometimes more than once a day.

John has a long history of health concerns. At the age of eight, he became a type I diabetic, which was diagnosed soon after his 9th birthday. With medication and diet, he didn’t experience problems until shortly before receiving his Masters degree, when he noticed some difficulty in seeing print clearly. Shortly thereafter, an optometrist noticed dot hemorrhages on his retina. Being diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, he was given laser treatments in his left eye. Unfortunately, the laser treatments caused significant hemorrhage and ultimately loss of vision. With each passing day, the vision in John’s right eye also worsened before losing his total vision. Eventually, both eyes were enucleated.

In 2003, John was diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease and then with hypertension in May of 2016. Prior to starting Tong Ren therapy, he was hospitalized for very high blood pressure and critically low sodium blood levels. After consistent participation in the Tong Ren webcasts, bloodwork and urinalysis results showed improvement in May of 2018. Additionally, his daily blood pressure readings and sugar levels were in the excellent range. He has been able to reduce the amount of insulin required to manage his diabetes, as a result of his participation in the online classes.  John stated that “Tong Ren has helped me significantly over time.” 

Over the next year, John’s healing  journey continued. In April of this year, he again completed a series of blood and urine tests, the results of which were much better than expected. Specifically, his kidney function went up by 16 points, his creatinine score and hemoglobin A/1C changed for the better and all other results were in the normal range. John expressed that “he couldn’t be happier,” and he knew that “my doctors will be smiling for sure.”

Through his consistency, patience and dedication to the healing process, John enjoys continued benefit from what he says is his “Tong Ren family.” He is very grateful to Tom Tam for developing this healing modality that has healed so many, and also to the practitioners who volunteer their time to be of service to others. From his personal experience, John recommends that anyone thinking about using Tong Ren for their health issues to be consistent and to never give up. He states that “most health problems did not start overnight and it may take some time before one sees results, but just like everything else in life, consistency pays off.” Lastly, John’s quest for knowledge, coupled with a desire to share the experience with others has led him to providing treatments for friends and family.

Submitted by LuAnn Fountaine, M.ed.


Removing Blockages Solves Chronic Constipation

Reversing Neck Pressure on Vagus Nerve

I am a 25 year old yoga instructor and former gymnast, and have been a Hospice Aide for 4 years.

For the past 10 years, I have suffered a traumatic gastrointestinal issue that doctors could not diagnose or treat—extremely severe constipation--one bowel movement per week.  The longest time I ever suffered between bowel movements was nearly 3 weeks (20 days).   The constant discomfort I felt during my teens and early twenties was very distressing for me and my family.  I had tried everything to relieve this extreme constipation:  laxatives, suppositories, enemas, Metamucil fiber, diet teas, diet pills, eating high-fiber whole foods, special diets eliminating red meat, dairy, carbs, but nothing worked as a long term solution.  

At age 16, I met with several medical doctors who ran tests, X-Rays, etc.  They said I was an “odd and unexplainable” case.  The doctors could see I was “backed up,” but there was no physical obstruction, stenosis, etc., that explained my medical condition.  They told me it must be the “normal” digestive cycle for me, even though I only started to experience this problem AFTER I quit gymnastics.  I stopped seeing doctors in high school, and became resigned to live with this problem.

Out of desperation, I even tried ingesting Magnesium Citrate, the bowel prep material used prior to colonoscopies that triggers bowel-clearing diarrhea.   Even this did NOT work!  I gave up.

On March 5, 2019, I mentioned my ten-year problem to my classmates at my Massage Therapy School during a lunch break.  One of my classmates, Julie Kalustian, who has studied Tom Tam’s Tong Ren Healing System for over 3 years, asked if she could massage the SCM muscle on the left side of my neck.  The area was SO sensitive, that I could barely tolerate any touch!  (Yet the right side of my neck was pain-free).  Julie pulled out a pocket-sized “Tong Ren Reference Guide” from her purse, and located another potential problem area for digestion, alongside the T11 and T12 vertebrae.  Again there was only pain on the left side.  She informed me that Tom Tam finds most digestion problems are located on the left side; additionally, the Left Vagus Nerve (Cranial Nerve X), is a common cause for digestive issues. Julie showed me a map of this nerve; it exits the skull, then travels down the left side of the neck and winds its way down through the GI tract.  She then continued to massage the left side of my neck again, which had much less sensitivity after approximately 20 minutes of work.  

We resumed our massage class after our lunch break and within ONE HOUR, I raced out of the classroom, and gleefully returned with the report – I had a bowel movement!!    While talking about what I might be doing that was making my left neck so sensitive, Julie asked me how I sleep at night.  I told her, that since I was an infant, I’ve always slept on my stomach.   “Show me how,” she told me.  So I showed her that I turn my head to the LEFT all night as I sleep.   Her hunch: this posture was causing my neck muscles to compress the left Vagus nerve all night!  This compression of the Vagus nerve was not allowing the bioelectricity to be properly transmitted from my cranium though the neck, and down to the entire digestive track.  It was unable to send the electrical command signals to the muscles of my intestines to perform peristalsis.   Julie then suggested this may be why I did not have any constipation problems during my years of gymnastics--the 30 hours of flips and acrobatic movement was helping the bowels perform peristalsis.

I went home that evening and tried to sleep on my back.   It took a little re-training, but the new digestive changes gave me plenty of encouragement to not sleep on my stomach again.  I am happy to report that I have had daily bowel movements since then! Julie also worked on my neck and back two more times, just to make sure this new muscle memory was firmly in place.  I no longer sleep on my stomach, nor do I have any more pain in my SCM area. 

I just celebrated my 25thbirthday, and am happy to report that I have been having daily bowel movements for the past 2 months--for the first time in 10 years!  My family was amazed at how quickly my discomfort disappeared—they were so thrilled and relieved!

MANY THANKS  to Tom Tam for sharing his knowledge and experience of the Nervous System via his Tong Ren Healing System!!!  


Julia Madden

May 9, 2019


Powerpoint Presentations

Book an Intro to Tong Ren Therapy for your group

Massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, Reiki  practitioners ....   Tong Ren therapy can be a great adjunct to your sessions. Spend 5 minutes doing Tong Ren at the start of your treatment. You'll find your client's muscles will be already more relaxed as you start your therapy. 

Nurses who do laying on of hands, you want to know Tong Ren therapy as well. It can be easier and faster.

Nutritionists, provide your nutrition advice, and at the end of your session, do 5 mintes of Tong Ren. Blood sugars improve faster for your diabetics.  Your GERD, IBS, SIBO, and colitis patients make faster recoveries.

Book an Intro To Tong Ren Therapy workshop for one of area conferences. Fees depend on lecture time and travel distance. 

 Example of a Recent Lecture:

On June 1st .2019, At 9am  OCIHRF board members, Aimee Poirier & LuAnn Fontaine gave an introduction to Tong Ren Therapy with an energy healing experience to the students of the Golden Bridge IW&YT.  This is a program in Haverhill, MA for western medical practitioners of all different backgrounds to participate in a grant-funded program for yoga teacher training. The class this day was made up of roughly 16 students from a variety of professional medical backgrounds: nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists etc. 

We arrived with pamphlets about Tong Ren therapy, plus handouts with the local Haverhill community weekly class listings. We also made reference to the website that is the hub of Tong Ren information. Of course we also brought our healing tools. 


In the first part of our lecture, we covered answers to the most frequently-asked questions: What is Tong Ren Therapy?  What conditions does it treat? How can it be integrated with existing medical care? And where can people access this therapy?


After the half hour informational talk about the discipline of Tong Ren, we began the experiential portion of the morning.  This half hour allowed the class to one-by-one experience Tong Ren Therapy. They were individually invited to list 1-3 things they would like healed in their own physical and/or emotional bodies.  The entire group reportedly enjoyed the feelings of chi moving. 

This was an intimate sized group allowing for a nice discussion of their own reactions to the therapy: what they individually felt and were continuing to feel. We also explained what a large percentage of our participants experience in our healing classes.  

We left our contact information with the class and they were welcomed to reach out with any further questions or concerns.


We can tailor this kind of presentation to accommodate any size group.  If you are interested in having a presentation on this therapy please contact us at the OCIHRF.  


Aimee W. Poirier, Lic. Ac. 

Founding board member OCIHRF


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