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Energy Healing For Health

Better Chi flow is a major component of improving the body's ability to heal. Tong Ren is a modality that uses brain wave entrainment for people to have an experience that is much like acupuncture,  


You are an energy being

If you have a health problem, be sure to have an energy healing component as part of your treatment strategy.

Tong Ren helps many conditions:


Tong Ren for Lung Cancer

Tong Ren for Ovarian Cancer

Tong Ren for Lymphoma

Tong Ren for Multiple Sclerosis

Tong Ren for Brain Tumors

Tong Ren for Pancreatic Cancer

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Tong Ren can help:

Tong Ren for Lymphoma

JH came to TR when her "just in case" colon cancer chemotherapy had her nauseous and exhausted. She kept coming to TR 'cause she liked how it felt. Six months later, at her check up for non-hodgkins lymphoma her doc told her for the she had no traces of it now, for the first time in 7 years. 

Tong Ren for Lung Cancer

WW was treated with chemo and radiation for small cell carcinoma of the lung 16 years ago. As the therapy failed, she found Tong Ren. Attennding classes daily then weekly, the cancer went into remission in 6 months time. 

Tong Ren for Ovarian Cancer

A famous Harvard U. teaching hospital told 3 women that there was no hope for their stage 4 ovarian cancer. They all started attending the Tong Ren cancer class on Sat. in Haverhill MA. At 6 months, 2 had clear scans, and at 9 months the 3rd had equal good news.

Tong Ren for Multiple Sclerosis

KS had had MS for 24 years and was using  a cane to steady his walk. He listens to TR on a call every Monday. Five years later, no more cane, no more MS flares, and his migraines are much less frequent as well. 

Tong Ren for Brain Tumors

Don't let the TV news of prominent senators dying of glioblastoma brain tumors discourage you. Meet  RR who is alive and well 8 years after being diagnosed with his glioma.   

Tong Ren for Pancreatic Cancer

It's a diagnosis that is 95% fatal, but come meet the scores of people who are alive 2, 5, and even 8 years later. And let WD tell you about his  17 years of living with this condition.  

Tong Ren can help:

Tong Ren for Diabetes

Diabetes can damage eyes, kidneys, nerves, and coronary arteries. At Tong Ren healing sessions, people can experience 20 - 30 pint drops in their elevated sugars  

Tong Ren for Parkinson's

It took 3 sessions for Tong Ren therapy to start taking hold, but after 6 months, Mrs. S tremor was diminished by 90%

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Amazing Lung & Heart Recovery

Pulmonary Hypertention Venous Occlusive Dz.

MAK was in the intensive care unit a few days with low energy, low blood oxygen levels, and debilitating shortness of breath. Finally he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH), as Venous Occlusive Disease (the rare form of PH.) The right side of his heart was greatly enlarged from the resistance to blood flow through his lungs. The doctors told him if he lived through the week, they would put him on the the heart lung transplant list. 

His wife asked me to go tap for MAK and I made an ICU visit. Within 15 minutes, his blood oxygen levels went from 84 to 94. He could feel like he finally caught his breath. While his numbers did not stay there, each day I tapped he recovered a little more. By the end of the week, the discharge care discussion turned to medical management and home oxygen therapy 24/7. The prognosis was still tough, with luck, he'd live 6 more months. 

With some heart-supportive Co-enzyme Q10 and L-glutamine supplements, plus Omega 3 fish oils, and 4 times a week doses of Tong Ren tapping, it is now 5 years later and MAK continues to perplex his team of doctors. His once enlarged heart is not back to normal size, but continues to grow in that direction. Every few years his cardiologist has to reduce his blood pressure medicine too.  


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